Tamara Winslow, Ph.D.

Dr. Winslow, the founder of Institutes for Biblical Truth and Sword and Song Ministries, has been serving God since a very young age and in a full time capacity since 1978. She’s ministered in a variety of capacities, traveling extensively in both the US and to over 35 nations, having spent a great deal of time ministering in the Europe, Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, China and the South Pacific. She’s well known in Canada having done approximately 70 hours of television shows on an internationally recognized program entitled “It’s A New Day” hosted by Willard & Betty Thiessen. Her ministry, books and recordings are currently in over 70 nations including Mongolia, many of the African nations and Asia.

Dr. Winslow began her ministry as a singer, musician and composer has recorded 12 CD music recordings, and composed thousands of songs, many of which are used in churches all over the world. She is an accomplished singer, composer, performer, pianist, guitarist, and music arranger. She has had 14 years of classical training and is skilled in most styles of music.

During the October WIN Gathering, Dr. Winslow will be ministering songs from her recent CD’s as well as leading praise and worship. Additionally, she will be highlighting songs from the Broadway Style musical review entitled DAUGHTERS OF EVE. These songs are in the first stages of production and recording. Interwoven in between these pieces, she will flow in the spontaneous prophetic songs when God’s tangible glory manifests and healing, deliverance and the gifts of the Spirit often occur. It has been said that these concert events are life changing and lifts believers up to a new level of walking intimately with God.