Rev. Ceitci Demirkova

If there was one word to describe Ceitci Demirkova’s ministry and life, it is inspiring. Born in communist Bulgaria, she grew up shy and driven by fear because of the oppressive environment. When the communist regime fell in 1989, the Gospel was preached in her country, and at age 16 Ceitci began a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. Since then, her life has been a message of overcoming. Despite financial limitations and the language barrier, Ceitci came to the United States with a mission to reach the Nations for God, and was accepted a month later, January 1996, into Victory Bible Institute located in Tulsa, OK.   From there, she graduated and entered into full time ministry, founding Ceitci Demirkova Ministries in July 1996 and in the same year receiving the title of ordained minister. In 2005, Ceitci extended her organization by founding Changing a Generation, an orphan network designed to help orphans and underprivileged children. In 2007, she began yet another ministry, Tri-Sela, which holds seminars to help bring health to the body (shape), soul, and spirit of others.

In the midst of it all, Ceitci continues to travel across America and the globe spreading her zest for life and missions to others. With her personal testimony of overcoming impossibilities and the miracles that follow her preaching and teaching, Ceitci’s purpose remains to inspire others to live dedicated and reach the fullness of their destiny in Jesus Christ.

Ceitci has authored four books, If You Have God…You Have Everything, and A Cup of Inspiration, Vol.1,2 & 3 – 21 Day Devotionals.