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Mysteries In The Book Of Exodus

Mysteries In The Book Of Exodus
Dr. LaDonna Osborn, D.Min.
10 Hour Course

Buried within the Torah (the Books of Moses) is the biblical story of the Exodus. The drama is at the heart of the Jewish faith and many of its traditions. This class will take the student on a journey of revelation to discover God’s overarching plan for His people, Jew and Gentile. The mysteries include characteristics of God, dynamics of human response to God, strategies of the enemy, leadership principles, profiles of faith, the climactic will of God and much more. The student will be guided through the Old Testament Book of Exodus and will experience Spirit-breathed New Testament revelation. This course will increase your understanding of redemptive truths and demonstrate how to interpret Old Testament Scripture with New Testament Revelation. Click Here To Purchase On-Demand

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